Saturday, 25 January 2014

Hello Friends

It has been a long long time since I came here to post.
I only had time to do my regular weekly Newsletter and I suppose the subscribers have been very happy.
We have call every turn correctly.
Since the September breakout I have been saying that apart from short-term corrective pull backs the SPX would be bullish biased into end December/early January before we could see a more significant setback.
Given the current setup I see the risk of a significant correction into first half February before resuming the
underlying bull trend. In the bigger picture I am  sticking to my 2014 strategy roadmap and see the US market bullish biased into summer with an SPX target at 2000 with possible overshoot before we could see a more important market top forming.
So no, the world is not going to end now, not just yet. Despite all the crap that we read in ZH or such other dooms day writers.
Throughout 2013, we have been very selective, we have remained mostly in cash. But when we have taken trades in short term, we have collected return well north of 40%. We have taken the money and ran for safety. We have stayed away from Gold and Silver , despite many bounces. We did miss few good trading opportunities though. We went long XIV in July (If I remember correctly) but somehow chickened out. We could have doubled our money in less than six months. But what the hell. All in all, it has been a very good year and opportunities are again in the horizon.
Hope you all had a very good 2013 and been able to make some money.
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