Tuesday 10 January 2012

Trading Journal, January 10, 2012

Call, VXX $35 Feb.2012 @ 1.40


  1. I bought a bear ETF, yesterday, Monday (SPXU @ $12.49) and held today. This is a mistake I've made before so I'm kicking myself. No knowing as much about Tech Analysis as most, my rule is wait on the market if price is riding between a Bollinger Band and 10day simple moving average. This applies to either Bull or Bear run. End of run is signaled by a cup or cap on the fast line of the MACD. Your thoughts, GRC

  2. doubled down on my bets

  3. I don't think we have much to lose at this point.

  4. GRC,
    I assume you are not a day trader. So why worry about one day price action. The markets are overbought and are due for a correction. Question is whether the correction will be shallow or deep.
    So I don't think you should kick your self for buying a bear ETF. We cannot perfectly time each trade. Sometimes we are early , sometimes we are late.
    I think by Friday, January 13, you will be congratulating yourself.