Sunday 1 April 2012

The Trayvon Martin Case.

I am neither white nor black. So should I keep out of this? It is such a sensitive issue. I might be called names if I venture into this minefield. Might be blown apart. But after seeing the exchange of words between Piers Morgan and Toure’ in CNN, I cannot help but feel sorry for the state of affairs in American journalism.

The case is tragic. One unarmed person was killed in cold blood. For whatever is the reason, the local police did not arrest the killer. This is not acceptable in a civil society and justice must be done.  But due process of law has to be followed. If racial hatred played a part in killing that must be investigated and guilty must be punished. What the colour of the skin has got anything to do with justice?  

But does it mean all whites are guilty by association? Why the black journalists are trying to portray the whole black community as victims? Hasn’t Americans  risen above colour politics and have elected a black person as President? It will never happen in France. It will never happen in England or Italy or Switzerland. It is possible only in America that American have risen above colour and elected someone as their President, who is black and has a middle name which is non-Christian. Then why paint all the whites as racist? Why are you blaming others for everything that is wrong with you?

Punish Zimmerman, by all means, when he is proven guilty. But even a killer is allowed to defend himself before law. Do you want to punish him by mob trial? If that is so, have persons of colour never killed an innocent white man/woman before?  Are we still living in the pre-WWII era where you can punish a whole race because they are Japanese? What nonsense.

I would call Toure’ and all black journalists to show maturity. It is you folks who are tearing apart the social fabric of America. It is you guys who are guiltier than Zimmerman, because some dumb-head will get really worked up listening to your tirade and start killing innocent people somewhere else.  You do not want to start another civil war. 


  1. A bad guy need not be armed to be justifiably shot. Instead, the standard is based on ability, opportunity, and jeopardy of the bad guy, to commit grievous injury. If indeed Zimmerman was on his back, having his head pounded into the ground by a much younger and stronger man, then quite possibly the standard for justifiable homicide was met under Florida law.

    Also, the tone of your piece is distressing. You weren't a witness, but you seem confident of Zimmerman's guilt. You want to see racists in jail, but I note you have in the past spilled no condemning ink when white people were shot by black ones.

    Ignorance of the law. Rush to judgement. Double standards on race. In what way is this a service to your readers?

    1. Where in my article you see that I have rushed to judgement or shown double standard on race? I suppose ignorance exist on both sides of the isle. All I said that the Black journalists should not create mass hysteria and should not paint the entire black community as victim. Because there are situations where they also commit crime. A whole race cannot be painted with one brush because of the act of few.
      I suppose this subject is too emotional for cool headed discussion. I am not going to respond any further on this.

  2. Much of what you say is true. The really sad part is the state of journalism, where they MAKE the news rather than report it.
    See this link for the sad part of NBC.

    1. It is pure sensationalism by 24 hour news channels. They just want cheap ratings.