Monday 25 June 2012

Calvin Economics.

So far things are going as anticipated. No major surprise yet. The 1300 line held in SPX and the gap in SPY has not yet been tested. It is as if the last 15 trading seasons did not happen. Why last 15, we are back to where we were on January 31st of this year. All the euphoria of March now seems like a distant dream. The moods are as gloomy as it can get and yet folks are so conditioned with the Bernanke tonic that there is no real fear or panic in the market. Here in North America, we have found a good scapegoat to blame, that is Europe and particularly Germany. Why Germany is refusing to wallow in the mud like the rest of the PIIGS? Why it is refusing to do the same thing that others have done, i.e. borrow and spend what they do not have. Yes, the poor Greeks may have lied and cheated and extorted and spent money which was not their in the first place but so what. After all, you can print money out of thin air. Hasn’t the great super power America done that over and over again? Nothing has happened to America, yet.  But do not despair, even if Germany is not ready to walk to path of destruction, the great nation of American is committed to kick the can down the road. Till the road ends. And all roads end somewhere sometime. But I do not know much. To understand it better, ask Calvin how it works.

Enough of macro economic nonsense. There are smarter people than me, like Bernanke or Kurgman, who know what is best for America. I am just concerned how I do save what little I have from these gentlemen and their brothers. This weakness / sell-off in market was well anticipated and  I wrote that there will one more bounce in the 1st week of July. In the very short term, the question is, when does that bounce starts and when does it end.  I think it is possible that we will see little more selling. Then on Thursday the honorable manipulators will have something to hang their coats on from Europe. The last two days of window dressing can start in earnest whereby they can suck in the fresh 401K money coming in the market in the beginning of July. So I would expect bounce from Wednesday or Thursday till about the 1st week of July. Do we play this bounce? It all depends. Are we investors? If so, stay away. Are we nimble traders? Then give it a shot. But remember, it is like picking up pennies in front of a turbo charged steam roller and the steam roller has aids. (Hat tip: Josh Brown). Short term, one hour charts are bit oversold and a bounce can happen.

The pattern is looking so similar to last year.

No need to match 2011 SPX with 2012 AUD and then match 2012 AUD with 2012 SPX. If you like analogs, simply match 2011 SPX with 2012 SPX. Such a rally is a selling opportunity but be aware of the levels.

I think July will be very exciting for the bears. Because unless there is pain and panic, Bernanke will not be able to hand out money. I am repeating myself 461 times now but so far my theory has proved right. There is only so much wiggle room left for these bright folks. It is like playing chess and anticipating the next move of your opponent. Only we are playing against those who want to fool us forever. With its ZRIP policy, the Fed is forcing Pension funds and ordinary investors to take unnecessary risk while on the other hand it provides free money to the TBTF banks to bet against. With no growth in income, job or economy, you can easily guess the direction of the market, no need for a PHD.

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  1. Are you looking to play the bounce around 1300 if it gets there? Or do you think would be much safer just short the coming bounce? Thanks!

    1. Honestly, I am super conflicted.I cannot make up my mind whether a 50/60 points rip is worth playing and when the risk high. Will decide by Thursday and even if I play, will be a very small position. Cycles are down till end of July.