Monday 15 April 2013

Don't Short Yet.

Just a quick note.

A 40 point drop in SPX in one day is  reason enough to say: "I told you, the risks are high".
 We went out at 1510 and today the market is around 1550. I have one question who were long in the last two months. Did you get out in time?

However, I think it is not yet time to short the market. We still need to give it some more time and the subscribers will know when to short.

Same goes with Gold. It is still not the right time to long gold because cycles did not bottom and there will be separate email to subscribers when the time is right.

Grains did not suffer much damage today because all weak hands were flashed out last week. And Oil has some more to drop but I am not shorting it.

All in all, we are in good shape and hope everyone is raising cash to take advantage of the coming Tsunami.

Note to the Troll: New subscription rate for the month of May and onward is $ 99 per month. Only the existing subscribers for April get to renew it at $ 49.

Good luck trading all.


  1. Don't let trolls get to you man. I've been reading your blog for a while and it's legit. There's always going to be people out there who disagree with you and who don't like what you do. You can try to learn from criticism, but if it's just unfounded trash talking and name-calling, just delete the comment and move on. Don't even respond. Best of luck to you.

  2. With all due respect, I don't think it's smart to antagonize your audience by doubling your monthly rate without any warning & boasting "take it or leave it". I've enjoyed reading your blog, but $99 seems like too steep to pay for a "signal/timing" newsletter at best. It's a free country,afterall, so you have the right to charge whatever you want but the marketplace has the last word. Good luck with charging that amount & attracting new readers.

    1. I respect your opinion.
      However as you can understand, selling Newsletter Subscription is not my line of business and I am not looking to get rich by hawking "signal/timing" Newsletter.
      Folks who have been with me from Jan. will continue to receive the Newsletter at $49 per month.
      I write the blog for my own pleasure and have no other interest in mind. These days I hardly have any time left after a 80 hour week.
      The free blog is free blog.
      So I hope you will spend some time reading my crap and I thank you for that.