Monday 29 April 2013

Life In The Fast Lane

Or would you like "Hotel California"?

Either way the thrill of going up and up and never to worry about coming down must be real giddy.
Didn't I say not to short yet.
Although all your indicators are screaming over bought most are throwing in the towel and joining the buy express.
Where do you think we are in the following curve?

My take is, we are right at the Euphoria stage.
And that was why I wrote don't short yet about 2 weeks back.
Although we went out of the long positions in Jan. end , we did not short the market. We gave up this 80-90 points on the upside because we want to catch all the ride down and not take any risk. And if any of you are still long, now may be the time to cash in for good.
After many months, we are now ready to take new positions and subscribers have been given the tip and trades for the coming week. 
And no, I am not looking to get rich by selling Newsletter Subscription.
Good luck trading all.


  1. thank you for your comments. think we do not have much upside left.
    Good luck to your trading as well!

  2. where is the sub how do I sign up , thxs

    1. The donate button is on the top right hand corner. Send an email for the details.

    2. I agree with you. This is the time now to take profits and we're about to head into a nasty correction or even worse. BTW, Are you still angry over that troll from 2 weeks ago or did you decide to keep the newsletter at $49? -:) (I hope) thanks.

    3. :)
      Send a "Come to Jesus" email please when you are ready.
      I am really trying to go with very few selected friends who are ready to be patient for the right opportunity and have attention span for more than 5 minutes.