Tuesday 7 August 2012

Almost There?

For a change let me share a chart with you.
This funny little chart is actually McClellan Oscillator in Kelter Channel. You will note that when the McOs crosses the upper band, it means a correction is due, when it is below the lower band, it means a bounce is coming. Not 100% right all the time, but close. Again, you have to see it in conjunction with many other things and nothing is 100% right all the time.

Given that bit of information, may be we still have little bit more to go. I am not saying it will, but be mentally prepared. Anyway, it is close to the upper channel. So anything can happen and my XLF cycle topped today.

Going past 1400 serves two purpose. Kills all the weak hands and secondly, convinces everyone else that this rally is for real. Last March, I was reading in the Blogosphere that the rally is not suspect, we who doubt it are. Rather we are crazy to doubt the rally. I am reading exactly the same thing again. Not long after that, the markets topped in April. Will history repeat soon? We will find out.

Yesterday I wrote that I am afraid that they might push it past 1400 mark. Because it is so easy and kind of watermark for many investors, who invest , trade based on TA. That if SPX crosses 1400, we will go long kind of folks. And that's how it happened today. SPX closed just above 1400.

But we cannot afford to get married to one side of the market. If the market decides to go up and up, we are not going to fight it. But since GS recommended to its clients to but EURO, I am hopeful that EURO will now tank soon and will take the risk assets along with it. It may take few days to work out.We have to be sceptical yet opportunistic.

I shorted with few puts and have invested less than 5% of my trading capital. My risk tolerance is 20% of the trade. 20% of 5% is 1%. In other word I am risking 1% of my capital for now and if things do not work out that way I think, I will get out. If things move in my direction, I will add more in stages. So let us see how things play out.

I am unable to devote more time to the market with my other assignments and in any case, I should not worry about every tick. It does not matter what happens in short term so long I get the big picture right. I do not think we are in for a new Bull run but who knows.

Thanks for reading my ramblings and sharing with your friends. Be safe out there whichever way you are going.


  1. World of Finance, do you ever follow gold? If so, any thoughts on where it might be headed?


    1. I do. I hold some GLD but it is not moving up. That was my insurance for Bernanke. So now I am waiting for a good move which may have to wait till Sept.