Thursday 16 August 2012

Apologies For My Absence

I am really sorry for not being able to update regularly and in time. Even now I am working but I do keep a check on the pulse of the market.
I think we have an exhaustion bar today and 30 Year is now going to turn.
So lets wait and see. This being an OpEx week, I am not going to attach much importance to whatsoever happening.
In the mean time, be safe out there.
Once again, sorry, and I hope to be there on weekend with you guys.


  1. Exhaustion bar on the stock market? A lot of people are saying with bonds selling off stocks will go higher. Investors running from bonds into stocks. Do you share this view? If rates start going up in the face of weak earnings, revenue growth, etc that does not seem good for stocks.

  2. There is so much chatter now about a new bull run , new highs with the S&P well over 1500. I know we can rally in very oversold conditions but can we really go much further up with no sense of fear in this market? Not even with previous market manipulations was there absolutely no fear as the markets rallied. My senses tell me this market is going to fall precipitously, yet....we keep going up and the vix is as low as it ever gets before the most violent retractions. What am I missing BB?

    1. You missing what market tells you - I want to go higher :)
      Don't listen yourself, listen market.

  3. Since I know how much you like Zero Hedge, I thought you'd like this prediction made 30 days ago: The 10-year yield will be below 1% by August 22nd.