Saturday 20 October 2012

Presented Without Comments


  1. Interesting video, but...
    Indian households that hold the same amount of gold as US+EU, and it's going inflate gold bubble? Do we really have to pay attention now to those Indian household investors because they are clearly much smarter than whole markets in EU and US?
    I can consider any theory, but indian households as indicator of future currencies collapse?! Oh, that's an amazing insight :)

  2. I must be dumb because I did not see that argument or conclusion anywhere in the video.
    Rather what I thought the fellow omitted is the analysis of Japan where the bond rate is near zero for last 10 years and nobody can explain why.
    Sometimes it is better to think straight and see things as they are and not over analyse!


    when GS, pardon ZH is touting something usually it is time to take an opposite stance..

    1. With respect gold at least, you can give them the pass.And it was not their opinion anyway. My cycles show gold at much higher value in the long term.