Sunday 7 October 2012

Space Between Elephant's Toes!

The 2nd Newsletter of W.O.F + (World of Finance plus) went out today to those of you who have signed up. I hope you like it. Apart from some interesting charts, it was also presented in a very professional manner. Not everyone has opened it yet. I am waiting for the reader’s feedback. There are two trade ideas for the decade. I liked the graphic design of the Newsletter, showing a light bulb and the text “Ideas worth sharing”.

So far the calls are in line and praise the Lord for his mercies. I have seen too many newsletters and blogs selling fear and I realized that fear is a very good business model. However, we forget that markets go up and go down and if we get hung up on one idea, we miss opportunities, may even lose money. However, you must do your due diligence and take responsibilities for your own action. You must have proper risk management measures and not speculate at all. This blog and newsletter is not for speculation.

I am not a professional blog writer nor am I planning to make a living by selling newsletters any time soon. But I am definitely enjoying the writing part and have even started another blog on “Art of better life’ where I want to share my life’s learning. It is still a work in progress and there are no targets or deadlines in that blog. I just to want to be me.

Making money from on-line advertisement is not easy. It is like looking for space between elephant’s toes. Google is the leader in on-line advertising and most of the bloggers are part of Adsense, where one gets paid for clicks on the Ads. But Google is known for closing the Adsense account without any reason if they think that the blogger is doing something illegal.  The terms of service states that:

The reason for termination: Ineligible clicks generated by any of the following actions:
1. Clicks generated by the website owner.
2. Asking or encouraging users to click on the ads.
3. Creating automated scripts that generate clicks.
4. Any other method solely meant to generate clicks.

So you see, I cannot actually ask you nor should you say something which is not within the terms of service.  Old_lefty had a very nice comment day before:

I have signed up for in-line text Ads, where when you take the mouse on the highlighted word, an Ad pops up and it gives a few cents. The following chart will tell you all.
And then there are affiliate marketing like Amazon where the blogger gets paid when someone buys something from Amazon using the link in the site.

None of them will make you rich and most bloggers do it anyway for the love of it. I am no exception.

Traderwanabe wrote the following on 5th October:

Hi - question ...what kind of mothly donation do you think woud be good. Maybe you want to post a suggested donation. I have found your insights to be very valuable and woud like to see your blog continue t thrive. Quite frankly you have prevented me from making some trading mistakes I ordinarlily would have made. Alos you are willing ot take a stand ....alot of the blogster give you both the bullish case and the bearish case and then leave it for you to decide which is really no help at all. You could even post a suggested donation ....maybe becasue leaving it open-ended makes people wonder how much they shoud do and then they don't do it all becasue their afraid if they do too much they left money on the table and if they do too little it didnt make an impact and then so what was the point.

I answered the following:

I have some funny story of my life, which may be I should share with my readers in future.
I was burnt out and I decided to take some time off till end of this year and I thought let me share what I have learned from my mistakes with others. Frankly, I see too many folks selling newsletters as a means of getting rich themselves, instead of helping others and I wanted to be different.
I am glad that I have been able to help you in whatever way and I hope in the coming months, I would be able to help everyone make money. 
I have received donations between $20 to $50 and I do not want to impose any condition on anyone. Times are tough for everyone. If folks make money in the next 6 months, may be they will give a percentage of their profit as donation.
End of the day,so long I can justify to my family that the time spent on the blog is not a waste of my time, I will do it.
So I am trying to monetize the blog by display ads, inline ads, affiliate program and Amazon link etc. Lets just hope that there will be a combination of donations and online ad revenue which will help me devote quality time here.
Thanks for asking and I sincerely hope that I am able to help you in your journey of financial freedom.

And that remains the guiding principle.

Some exciting opportunities are coming up which, if identified and acted upon properly, will help us to achieve our financial freedom. I want to help as many of you as I possibly can to achieve that goal. If I am successful in doing that, everything else will follow. Even if I am able to help you save your money, I have achieved something.

Tomorrow the bond market is closed. I think we will see a bottom by Tuesday or Wednesday. I will tweet if I think that the opportunity is right for going long in precious metals. Again, I don’t think we will see any major sell off and you know the levels to watch.

Thanks for reading  join me in Twitter (@bbfinanceblog)for the real time market updates and calls.


  1. Like the inline technique, makes it easy to do a little to reward you. Love your blog. Articulate, just enough wit without dreary bear or bull repetition. I am not computer savy and have been unable to sign in except as anonymous...sorry about that.
    Loved the weekly letter. I do not have a twitter account but check your site frequently for tweet updates. KEEP them coming!!!!

  2. Thank you. You made my day. You can signoff with a name after the comment.