Thursday 31 January 2013

1500 Breached, But Just Barely.

Well, SPX did not hold 1500 at close but after hours futures are up and my prognosis remains the same as yesterday. That we will chop around here for a while before the next move.
Gold and silver gave up all the gains of yesterday and that's exactly what I was afraid off.
Everything is churning and I find such situations quite frustrating and outright dangerous for the portfolio.
So we better go for skiing.

We will come back when it the time is right.
Subscribers will get the 1st glimpse this Sunday as to what the crystal ball is predicting. And if you would like to know, please join the gang. Time to join the February subscription runs out on Sunday.

Have fun folks.

1 comment:

  1. Markets go up Longer than everyone thinks and they go down longer than everyone thinks. Waiting for confirmation is key. No one can accurately catch the bottom or call the top. Great write ups!- Joe R