Thursday 17 January 2013

Counter Point

For those of you who have been brain wasted by ZH and other prophets of doom and gloom, here is something of a counterpoint:
Ray of Hope by Ned Davis
I am not saying we should rush to buy stocks.
I am just saying: keep an open mind.

P.S. Its now almost noon per Eastern time. I find it odd that ZH was silent for almost 40 minutes ( 11.34-10.54) and had not come up with another story why everything will end badly. Running out of ideas or Top is really close and no longer a need to drive folks to short?

1 comment:

  1. I was also taken for a ride by these Gloom And Doom Silver gold selling blogs.....after 2008 crash ...every blog was screaming 2nd crash coming..2nd crash coming....and the reasons given by them looked pretty damn good too(debt,and all)...I became Suspicious when ZH began to blame every down move in gold and silver on Some Centrally co-ordinated move....every 20 dollar down move......Saturn is in Libra till economy will go fine till 2015 and stocks will rise to new highs...we should have a good ride