Monday 25 February 2013

March Subscription Is Now Open

It is the Subscription renewal time again.
How quickly a month pass!
It was on 1st of Feb. when SPX reached 1513 and we went out of the market.
Now it is morning of 25th Feb. and SPX is starting the day from 1515.60
Not much has changed in the last 3 weeks and we saved ourselves emotional trauma by waiting in the sideline.
So is $ 49 a month worth for having an action plan in this market?
Many of our readers think so. It is less than a cup of coffee per day from your favourite coffee shop and yet provides you, the reader specific action points on various asset classes with at least two weekly updates, if not more.
Extract of some part of one of our old Newsletter is here for your review:

The coming week, we have two indicators for sell signal:
  • SPX closing below XXXX, DOW below XXXXX.
  • VIX closing above XX.
When we see the Indices closing below those levels, we will know that we have seen the highs. From then on, it is a question of Indices making a lower high or re-testing the previous high and failing in the process.

I think we have a good opportunity coming up and let us remain focused on that only, nothing else. We are not economists and at least I do not understand how it works. Just concentrate on making money with low risk.  

PM Sector:
We have met our downside price target of Gold. Silver still has more to fall before it can find a bottom. While I am sure about a new all time high in gold but we may have to wait for 2014 for that to happen. The idea is to buy it when everyone hates it and I think we are reaching that point. Many of you may already be thinking that there is no future for gold. Main Stream Media (MSM) is writing about how Soros sold his gold. So we are getting there. However, if Gold closes below $1600, we will have still lower prices and that will remove all weak hands. So for now, we wait on the sideline with respect to PM.

Only parts of the Newsletter. And the levels keep updating / changing to reflect the dynamics of the market price movement. Apart from Equities and PM, we cover Oil & Nat. Gas, Copper (sometimes), Grains & soft commodities and treasuries.

Are we always right? Nobody is or can be and we are no exception. But we make every effort to reduce risk and shoot only when when we think all the ducks are lined up.  And I try to explain that we do not have to be always invested (Only Wall St. wants you to be 100% invested 100% of the time) and cash is a position. I quote from Josh Brown: "Guys talking about being all-in or all-out can and will change their opinions quickly. This is what they should be doing as professional, full-time speculators. But are you a full-time speculator? If someone can and frequently does go from fully invested to all cash to fully invested over the course of a few days, is there any particular reason that you should be paying attention to them? Will they personally be calling you to give you the second half of their trade? Well, most of you don't realize this so when someone says "ALL IN" or "ALL OUT", it gets you talking, thinking, retweeting, sharing etc.

So if you think caution is your style and you value your savings, want to grow it in a low risk manner, may be you should give it a try. Click on the "Donate" Button above and pay $ 49. In the subject line mention Subscription for "March" and you are all set.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


  1. To All,
    Speaking from years of trading experience, and from having made very costly mistakes along the way, I can tell you that WOF offers very sound advice. He keeps you out when it's appropriate and advises you of opportunities when he sees them.

    I'd like to mention to WOF that I think Canadian investors should be careful about buying Canadian financials here. It is probably better to wait for a decent pullback. Historically, Canadian banking stocks probably do well in spring because of the money pouring into RRSPs. However, they almost always dip later in spring early summer and can be picked up at much better prices.


  2. If you're so smart and clever, we need money for?

    1. If I am smart and clever, what is your problem? Do you think your $49 bucks make me rich?
      I charge money simply because you do not appreciate free information and I spent many hours doing research and develop programs and there is a value to what I do.
      All those folks who subscribed in Jan and Feb have benefited from specific direction and not blindly front running.

    2. The market is much more that can be done.
      GBPUSD 1.60 break.....

  3. I’m glad to find so many useful and informative data on your business