Thursday 28 February 2013

Test Of The High?

Today the indices were up for most of the day but some late selling forced them to close in red.
Was it was a re-test and failure of the last high? I think it is still early to call today's action as failed re-test.
However, SPX is still above 1500 and DOW still above 14000. I would like to see indices making a lower low 1st and then re-test the 1530 level in SPX and fail there. Only time will tell whether the market will actually behave that way.

But what lead to the last hour selling? Was it fear of Sequestration or just regular pump and dump action?

But more than the red indices, I would like to draw your attention to Gold which again closed below $1600. I think the bounce in Gold is over short term and we will see some renewed selling. So those of you thinking about catching the falling knife, better be careful. However when the mood becomes totally negative on gold, that would be the time to go for it. We will have to wait a while longer for that to happen.

Nothing much is happening anywhere else really.

Equities will continue their up and down dance for a while more. Grains are still making a bottom before the rally. No much to do in Oil and Nat. Gas either.

All in all, we are in the waiting mode. Our sell signal has been triggered but something else is holding us back from going short at this point of time. I am expecting some whipsaws in market action and better to avoid emotional and moral hazards.

Folks normally get frustrated when there is not much action. We think we always have to buy or sell but in reality, we don't have to. Sometimes it is better to give up short term gain for longer term opportunities. This is one of those times.

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