Thursday 14 February 2013

Teflon Market, Patient Bear.

Or its Deja Vu'

Its 2012 all over again. In the morning, the futures were down and markets opened lower but by mid-day BTFD crowd came in and helped push SPX in tiny green. Most likely tomorrow will be tiny red. Historically, Feb OpEx, which is tomorrow is green. So we will see who wins, red or green. But it does not change anything. And while we are on the sideline, some will short the market out of sheer boredom, only to have emotional trauma and lose money. Some will go long thinking this is the beginning of new bull run and shares will never correct because Ben will have their back. They will also lose big time. Its all about timing.
Timing says, do not front run, shut out the noise and the Zen moment will come. 

I know subscribers are getting impatient for lack of action, but we start with the premise that 1st goal is not to lose money. Rest will follow.

So folks, no new nugget of wisdom or fancy charts to share. Just chill till the appropriate signal comes.

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